Meet The Team

Mrs. Rebecca Carlson

CEO, General Contractor & Managing Partner

10 years’ experience in Design & 8 years’ experience in construction

License GC, Designer (CAD) & 8 years of Business Ownership Experience

You could say that design and artistry is in Rebecca’s blood.  From the time she was a child, Rebecca was interested in designing clothes, finding attractive ways to arrange furniture, painting beautiful pictures and wall hangings, and innately understanding the best way to make anything shine.  She graduated from FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) with a degree in technical design.  Rebecca parlayed that knowledge and experience into starting a remodeling company, Carlson Property Solutions (CPS), with her husband Brian.  Rebecca quickly learned the construction trade and used her design experience to help clients achieve their dream remodel.  Rebecca earned her general contractors license in order to add to her expertise in remodeling and quickly realized that a female general contractor was a rarity, making up only 1% of the construction field.   This led to the start of 3 Tree Design House (3TDH).  Rebecca wanted to help women and young people build their own skilled trade company as a vocational path, different from the typical college prep path.  Her mission is to make 3TDH more than just a renovation service by redesigning how homes are remodeled and by providing a resource for women and young people to learn the basics they need to successfully navigate the construction industry.  She helps her clients realize their vision for their home whether they want to build wealth through sweat equity or whether they want to hire a contractor to make their vision a reality.  She can do it all!!! 

Mr. Brian Carlson

COO, Project Manager & Estimator

All levels from installer/maintenance tech to foreman supervisor – quality control

20 years of experience in construction

(Brian & Rebecca Own Carlson Property Solutions, LLC Est. 2015, Interior Finish Contractor)

Brian is the original “Jack of all trades,” having been in the repair, remodeling, and property management field for more than 2 decades, starting with appliance repair at the age of 13.

Brian started his own company as a successful maintenance concierge for local Denver businesses in his early 20s.  He then moved to California where he managed large apartment complexes, fixing anything that could possibly break in an apartment at any time.  Brian has an intuitive understanding of how to bring peace of mind to overwhelmed clients.  Brian returned to northern Colorado and started a prosperous remodeling business with his wife Rebecca, whom he trained in the field.  As Rebecca started 3 Tree Design House, she knew that Brian had a special gift that went beyond his repair and remodeling capabilities.  As the son of 2 teachers, Brian has the innate ability to train others.  Brian once told an anxious client, “Give me 20 minutes and I can make you comfortable operating that table saw.”  Much to the client’s surprise, he did just that.   At 3 Tree Design House Brian is the main project manager, remodel estimator, and master trainer (trainer of trainers).

Mrs. ann Perry

CIO, Project Manager & Curriculum Consultant

30 years’ experience in curriculum development & community outreach.

As the daughter of an architect, Ann has had a lifelong interest in the process of construction and remodeling; from design to completion of the project.  As a teacher and counselor, Ann understands the importance of being educated and knowledgeable about any venture that affects one’s daily life as well as their future.  She believes in the importance of bringing women and young people into the construction trade in order to help that industry grow with new blood and new ideas.  Over the last year, Ann has been the CIO, project manager, and curriculum consultant for 3 Tree Design house and has enjoyed the opportunity to learn and grow in a completely different career field.  Ann acts as one of the project managers for the company and is contributing to the teaching manual for remodeling workshops.  She writes grants and assists with educational events that highlight the skilled trades in construction for young people in the schools.

Ms. Diana Davis

CHRO, Secretary

10 year’s experience in support and personal assistant roles

Diana Davis is a young professional who started her own business at the age of 19.  As the daughter of a teacher and a real estate appraiser, she learned at an early age how to be organized, intuitive, knowledgeable and professional.  When Diana opened her business, she worked as an in-home nanny.   She quickly discovered that the adults in the home needed her as much as the children.  She began to help the adults organize themselves to be more productive and efficient at home and at work.  Diana structured their households and ran those households by creating sustainable routines for the entire family, organizing activities and making appointments, finding events and planning enrichment activities, even designing education plans as requested.  Through the years, Diana gained experience and knowledge that made her a capable personnel and business assistant.  Diana has been a part of 3 Tree Design house since its inception doing tasks for the company successfully without wasting time and energy.  She keeps us organized, grounded, helps with time management by prioritizing tasks, communicates with vendors and ensures we have sustainable routines for meetings.

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